Furniture Moldings are Quick and Easy Projects

Our Furniture Moldings are so easy for projects especially ones that are qucik and easy.

We love Quick and Easy Project.

Today we’re bringing you Efex inspiration from the world-wide web.

These three projects are so quick and easy and just in time for spring. Clearly everyone has warmer weather on their minds since there are two more clay pots with Efex on them!

The first set is from our dealer Signature Finishes in Grafton. Clever Maureen even does a workshop using Efex. If you’re in the Massachusetts area, you should look into her workshops, we can guarantee they are tons of fun!

Signature Finishes

The next two are from The Whole Shebang by Nina in Australia.

The Whole Shebang by Nina

First there is this really cute red plant pot decorated with a C45 corner… but what really caught our eye is this simple yet totally elegant side table.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.52.07 AM

All she used was a pair of SC4s and paint to give this table a truly wonderful makeover.

With over 170 products you transform just anything under the sun. Download our free catalog today, or go to a dealer near you for even more design help.

Ciao for today


Quick and Easy

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