We’re  back from  New Zealand visiting friends, family, and the Efex™ factory. It has been slightly over a year since I was last in New Zealand, our second home, and what a magical year it has been.

It was early 2014 when we were sitting at my friend  New Zealand artist Margret Wolley’s home. Margret is a fine arts painter who also paints furniture. Not like most of us however, she makes her own paints directly from pigments. Her home is a perfect slice of the South of France in Auckland.

Over a simple glass of wine I uttered these simple words… “Margret what a lovely mirror, where did you find it?”

Her answer surprised me, “I made it dear.” She then proceeded to leave the room. When she returned she had a brown paper grocery bag filled with little latex bits. “I use these.”

Needless to say I was enthralled! By the time we left New Zealand, we were the sole distributors for Efex Decorative Moldings, and so the adventure began.

This year, again over wine, I took some pictures of a few of the lovely projects my friend has done over the years.  They are all so gorgeous I have a hard time deciding which ones I like the best. You be the judge.

The mirror that started it all:


Efex on a candle stick. A simple drop and acanthus leaf.


Country Efex as art.


Country Efex on a terra cotta pot.


A single rosette makes a mirror pop. Artists’ paintings in the reflection


Maybe my favorite mirror. Notice there is another one in the reflection.


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Dream On.

Lydia and The Efex Team

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