Apartments In Paris – A Dream

Apartments in Paris are so wonderful it is something I have always dreamed of having. . A little pied-à-terre filled with lovely French style. All of France, but especially Paris, is so full of architectural embellishments it makes my head spin.

But more than that the style, the combination of different periods, and just the perfect look, is what always amazes me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.39.33 PM

Just look at the lovely details in the reflection, and on the mirror itself!

We recently set up two new boards on Pinterest to get your inspirational juices going. One is Paris, and the other is French Style. Pop on over and see our lovely additions for more inspiration.

If you wanted to recreate this mirror just grab 2 drops, 2 swags, a bow for up top, and a nice oval rosette. Then pick your favorite trim to edge the mirror. Might we suggest T70, or T42?

For more inspiration download our new catalog.

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