Efex Arriving On Wednesday

With not much longer to go, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Efex™ decorative latex moldings.  It’ll be so exciting to take a piece of bland boring furniture and make it into something really spectacular!  A quick search at The Antique Exchange lead to lots of ideas and possibilities…

These drab dresser drawers are screaming for some enhancement!


Can’t you just picture a medallion in the center, or some roping along the edges?


  Primitive country not your style?  Transform a wooden hutch into a French piece worthy of your style.  Best of all, if you love the wood you can stain the latex pieces instead of painting!

 I was also able to scout out pieces of furniture that already had wonderful decorative properties, all can be reproduced through the power of latex moldings!


Corners are no longer forgotten…


 Drawers and blank spaces can be adorned!


 I’m thoroughly motivated and thrilled to get started!  What will you do with your Efex™?

Cheers, Samantha

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