Art Deco Style


Art Deco Style is a wonderful style that always appears to be in fashion. Do you ever wonder where a style came from, and what is it? Every design era is a living display of the cultural events of the time. Every week, or when the mood hits we will showcase a different era and style. It’s another way to show how you can create your own style.

Style File –  Art Deco Style

The Paris World’s Fair of 1925 sold the art deco style to the world. The roaring 20s was a time of rapid industrialization, Paris was in full swing with Papa Hemingway holding court at the Ritz. While the Savoy Hotel in London pictured below flourished.

Art deco combined the arts and crafts movement with industrial images, especially bold geometric shapes, embellishments, and strong symmetrical patterns. It embraced technology with modern materials: stainless steel, Bakelite, and chrome. Yes, stainless steel was modern less than 100 years ago!

As usual architecture led the way. One grand gesture was The Chrysler Building in New York finished in 1931.

Art Deco Style Building In New York

Building on the art deco theme – later this week we will show you our take on this style with Efex.

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