Auckland Antiques

We are in the middle of our family and friends New Zealand holiday and I haven’t mentioned my favorite antique store.

Yes, most of my friends lust after stores in Paris and London, and while I  also do that the top of my list is right here in Auckland.

John Stevens Antiques is filled with great  great antiques both French and Scandinavian as well as some of the best reproduction chairs I have ever seen. I keep wanting to bring them to the USA and hubs keeps asking who the manufacture is.

This sofa was hubs favorite which was a big of a surprise to me. Yes, it really was the sofa not the boat behind it.

But he also like the new more modern ones l

My favorites are still these.

These tall chests with swags certainly would be easy for us to paint up…. and they are so cute.

Or, I just love this small one with our bead trim.

Mirrors are a passion of mine,  though they are a little hard to ship to the USA. I suppose they have already been around the world once so why not twice 🙂

Sigh… when in doubt I may just have to leave them all here and keep dreaming.

xoxox Lydia

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