Don’t you just love this IKEA hack.

Swedish modern to stone washed denim in just 4 hours!

Our stockist and friend Janet Metzger from the Empty Nest in Warrenton, Virgina just rocked this Ikea hack.

She started with a free cabinet that found on the curb, It was a huge IKEA wardrobe and was so Scandinavian modern it is hard to imagine it being anything else.


Layering shades of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in three shades of blue it was finished in 4 hours.  She took a can of paint 2 knobs and 2 small Efex escutcheons and turned it into a rustic work of art.


The perfect layers of paint shaded and dry brushed with just the right amount of distressing really set this apart from all the other hacks. The surface is finished in clear wax.


Janet and Tina created a perfect lovely stone washed denim look that is so “trending” right now. “It was so easy,” said Janet, “You could all do it over a weekend!”

Adding  new distressed knobs through the Efex escutcheons is such a simple yet effective way to add some style without going over the top. The added bonus was it covered the old knob holes and flaws.

Everyone, please give a big bravo Janet by checking out her facebook page for more great ideas. Don’t you think this piece just rocks!



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