Hunting For Moldings and Onlays

Hunting For Moldings and Onlays

Manor Homes with History –

A vacation in the English Country Side

We have often written  about different Manor Homes in England. This week we flew into Heathrow for a vacation dedicated to viewing some of these great Estates. A side note here we are about to be hit by a weather bomb so any thoughts I had of great outdoor garden photos have been put aside for now. Honest, only I would get this as my weather report for a vacation!

This trip combines by husbands love of history with my love of architectural buildings and all things embellished.

First we’re catching up with son in Southampton on some top secret sailing stuff… then were off on the Manor House, History, and Molding Tour.

On the tour

Chartwell, and Blenheim


and Cliveden, all perfect English Manors.

This history, Churchill, The Mitford Sisters, Profomo, and Vanderbilt there is a such a range here.

What they have in common is a historic lifestyle  mixed with some of the strongest patriotism ever seen worldwide and many a scandal.

This is the vacation you get when Mr and Mrs Efex travel.

Along the way were going to London and maybe a short stay at one of the Soho Club in Oxfordshire.

Watch the Instagram Feed for fun photo’s of places and historic snippets about some of the great Manors of England..

Maybe I’ll even find some more  embellishments that we can turn into Efex.

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Look Books…

Look Books…

Efex on Books

Last week several people asked about using Efex on Books.

Our lovely friend Johanne from Quebec did it last year. She ran a D8 down the spine of the book and painted it with Chalk Paint.

Special Book Cover

More recently our dealer Apple Box Boutique in Alberta did a great example. This example is T14 cut up on the face of the book. Again painted with Chalk Paint and finished with dark wax.

I love the idea of painting and decorating books as a way to set up a bookcase or reading space. Just the addition of painted and decorated books adds an extra touch, making it something special.

In fact, we did it here at Maine Country Home also when we were doing projects for our Quick and Easy e-book.  If you have a book does not need painting, you can just paint the Efex, and glue it on with Rapid Fuse.

Book with rosettes

xoxo Lydia

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Auckland Antiques

Auckland Antiques

Auckland Antiques

We are in the middle of our family and friends New Zealand holiday and I haven’t mentioned my favorite antique store.

Yes, most of my friends lust after stores in Paris and London, and while I  also do that the top of my list is right here in Auckland.

John Stevens Antiques is filled with great  great antiques both French and Scandinavian as well as some of the best reproduction chairs I have ever seen. I keep wanting to bring them to the USA and hubs keeps asking who the manufacture is.

This sofa was hubs favorite which was a big of a surprise to me. Yes, it really was the sofa not the boat behind it.

But he also like the new more modern ones l

My favorites are still these.

These tall chests with swags certainly would be easy for us to paint up…. and they are so cute.

Or, I just love this small one with our bead trim.

Mirrors are a passion of mine,  though they are a little hard to ship to the USA. I suppose they have already been around the world once so why not twice 🙂

Sigh… when in doubt I may just have to leave them all here and keep dreaming.

xoxox Lydia

A Place For Inspiration

A Place For Inspiration

A New Place For Inspiration

I love antique stores, especially ones that have a certain vibe. A little French, a little Swedish and totally unique. When I came across these pictures on Tumber I just had to share.

I especially love the blue patina on the chest in the back left.  Like many of you I have a passion for old patina. In fact, I spend a great deal of time working on imitating it. And all of us as painters can get very close. But this is aged to perfection that only time and gentle can accomplish.  Which piece of furniture do you like the best?

Enjoy these pictures from Josephines Antiques in London. I don’t know what I am dreaming of more, a blue patina like this armoire, or maybe a trip to London to see it in person. Sigh… not in the cards for this month year.



Christmas at The Manor

Christmas at The Manor

The English Manor in Winter

One of the slight advantages of being sick is that you can binge watch TV with impunity. Between, The Crown, James Before Bond, and now the Midsomer Murders I have parked myself in every great English series I can find on Netflix. For all of the them the decor and the scenery is just wonderful. Eye candy to make you healthy.

Eventurally,  The Crown will get it’s own post today I thought I would share 7 lovely winter english cottage photo’s as a teaser.


Sudbury Hall

A simple country home in Derbyshire. Ready for the Holidays.


The Perfect Tree

Chrismas is a standout with the perfect tree in front of this manor house.


Waddesdon Manor

Located in Buckinhamshire Waddeston Manor has its doors open for the festive season.




The best discription for the wonderful manor. I would love to have a peek inside/


The Jewelry Box

This simple and small manor has a welcome and cosy look.


Georgian Delight

This wonderful Georgian home would be a treat at Christmas


Adare Ireland

Irish Manor House now turned Hotel and Golf Club would be a great retreat.


Welcome December Happy Holidays

Welcome December Happy Holidays

Welcome December

What a glorious time of the year. Check out our new quick and easy video with some fun ideas for Christmas Decor with Efex.