Plain and Boring to Art Deco

Plain and Boring to Art Deco

Art Deco Tables

Flexible trims are a great way to spice up even the most boring table..

It was the turn of the century Art Deco and Jazz were in full swing. The Fitzgerald’s held court in Europe and New York. Women wore feathers and danced the night away.

Art Deco Vogue Poster

Furniture and decor took a luxurious twist, mixed with the feeling of the era that technological progress would never stop. Art Deco was associated with both luxury and modernity; it combined very expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship put into modernistic forms. Like this nautilis chair.

Paul Irbe 1913 chair.

Nothing was cheap about Art Deco.

Today we have translated some of the most classic art deco designs into our bendable trims.

Art Deco Table

There is no quicker or easier way to up style a plain jane into the fem fatal than adding Art Deco trim and gilding.

Just wrap it around the skirt and your transported to drinks on the terrace with Zelda. OK, maybe not transported but you get the idea 🙂

How to make a boring table and Art Deco master piece.

1 – Add T23

2- Or add T 33 the Greek Key

3 – Or try T27 one of our lovely art deco pieces.

Were often asked how to use our trims and this is the easiest upstyle project we can think of.



Efex and Fabric

Efex and Fabric

Efex on Fabric

Our clever friend in Montreal is at it again. This time with some striking and different uses for our appliques.

You see Johanne had this old sofa. Great french bones but the fabric was very outdated. Not in bad shape, just old fashion.  Hmm… what’s a creative to do?

Well she started out painting the sofa. As an Annie Sloan stockist, she knew that to paint fabric successfully you need to water down the paint and put several coats on. The actually painting time is not that much, but you do have some drying time on a project like this.

Because she started with a dark green and textured fabric she had to take her time and let the project progress on it’s schedule.

She clearly had some time to think because her clever idea of adding Efex to the side of the fabric was wonderful.

After several coats of paint she finished the project by waxing the wood. No need to wax the fabric especially if it is textured.

Voila, a wonderful and unique sofa saved by Chalk Paint® and Efex

xoxox Lydia

TLC Vintage Elegantly Simple or Simply Elegant.

TLC Vintage Elegantly Simple or Simply Elegant.

Elegantly Simple or Simply Elegant?

When it comes to describing Janet Roewe Piller’s style at TLC Vintage it doesn’t matter which way you say it. They are both on totally correct.

Here she took a simple Efex to make a simple elegant statement with this table.  It is a great example of todays on- trend up cycling. Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and finished with clear and dark wax this table is just so simple and so wonderfully elegant.

 More than just her use of Efex, when you look at her Facebook page you see why she is Iowa’s premier Chalk Paint® dealer.

TLC Vintage…. a vintage store and a whole lot more.

Industrial Efex

Industrial Efex

Efex Are Not Just French

See how to add Industrial Style with Efex

Spent my snow day working on an industrial table for Maine Country Home.  It’s a palette we found with a weathered worn top. The base is painted in graphite and made of old 2 x 4’s.

industrial Efex

 The sides are where it gets interesting. I wanted to stay with the industrial feel and still use Efex. After all they are more than French!

First, the sides which were new pine, were washed in graphite Chalk Paint®. Then we used the Circles stencil from the Annie Sloan stencil collection.


Now to add the Efex. Again we wanted to keep the industrial feel, so we went with a small rosette, R72. We left the dots on the stencil on every other pattern and then added the embellishment.

Both the stencils and the Efex are painted in a mix of Graphite and Old Ochre.

Voila… Industrial Efex.



Marie’s Chair

Marie’s Chair

In Janet’s words from Facebook

In honor of Valentine’s Day we present Mademoiselle Marieđź’—đź’—
Antique chair painted in Old White and clear wax with Gold gilding wax to enhance the detail and the Efex™ moulding at the front center. Slight distressing. Restyled using incredible pale pink satin and pink velvet. Lots of lace and rhinestones with a gorgeous antique rhinestone brooch at the back bustle💗
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

I hope you all look at the pictures. The corset on the back of the chair is so wonderful All I can think of is Marie Antoinett’s boudoir!



Valentines Box

Valentines Box

Matthew Mead is so very creative. Look what he did with this simple candy box.

Just in time for Valentines Day.. Just love, love love this.

Matthew Mead

Then we have the very special Valentine from Rose at Wood Icing.

Wood Icing and Efex