a winters tail

a winters tail

Every Picture Tells A Story

Everything has a story, and our little grey chairs are no exception.

One of four siblings that were found abandon in junk shop they had been given up as lost forever. Over time their original clothes were faded and worn, their legs were broken, and overall their hearts were heavy. Sigh…. headed for the dump and a sad ending. It could make a girl cry.

Hark, thrifters here to save us. “Oh, what great bones you have.” “Are you Scandinavian?” “Would you like to come home with me?” Maybe a new dress, some sunshine, and flowers would give you a new view on life.

Scandinavian chair with roses

I think the flowers did it! The siblings now live at The Maine Country Home and are lovely babes with flowers and bows.

xoxo Lydia

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with Efex

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift with Efex

Easy Bathroom Storage

If you’re like me you never have enough storage for the stuff in your bathroom, right?

My solution has always been baskets of stuff, but then I got this idea to upgrade our storage. After finding four baskets at Homegoods, the rest was quick and easy.

Just paint the Efex first and then apply the Efex with Rapid Fuse by Dap.

Easy Bath Storage

From top to bottom B14, B21, B7 and B15

After hunting around the house for some extra goodies, we found a leftover vase and bell jar added to the mix. They got a facelift with Efex too.

Trim T34




Stars CC 8


Aabsolutely quick and easy.


xoxo Lydia

The Blow Out

The Blow Out

Silicon Moldings

Sometimes as a maker things don’t work out correctly. This week I had one of those days.

I have been working on a new and larger set of moldings. Remastering originals, make new molds, etc. One of the best new styles is getting ready to go into production, so I was making the last and best silicon molds to use in final manufacturing.

OK, I do this all the time right. Well, when you pour silicon you need to make a bounding box. And this one was unstable at best. Never the less I went ahead and for the last pour asked my husband to come to the barn and help.

I got almost a gallon of silicone ready and poured all was good.

“can I go back to my work now?” said Chris. Sure was the answer. After all, we were in the curing phase. 30 min and were done.

As he left the barn the wind slammed the door and bang, the side of the bounding box blew out.

Harsh words follow as I try to save it. Humm, I need some help here as a whole lot of expensive product is making it’s way to the floor. But…. my phone is on the other side of the room, and the only thing keeping me from this mini-disaster is holding the box together.

More harsh words. And yes I held the box for 30 min while the silicone cured.

All’s well that ends well, and we saved the project but not in the easiest of fashion.

New Ultra light

The moral of the story, not every picture is a lovely here is how it looks. Behind the scenes, there are plenty of mistakes and accidents when you’re a maker.

xoxo Lydia

White on White

White on White

White on White

Maybe because it’s about to snow, I woke up this morning thinking about white on white. With five of the next six days produced for light snow, my world here in Maine will turn into white on white slush.

White is the most popular color for painted furniture by a country mile. And it is surprising to me how well white furniture with white embellishments work.

I would have thought that some tone on tone, glitz, or other contrast would be significant. But… it turns out in the popularity contest of color white wins hands down even as an Efex color.

I have always had a big crush on these projects.

The first two pictures were customs pieces for clients at Maine Country Home.

The next picture shows off Efex at my house.

white on white desk

Now my house is very white! White walls, white furniture, etc. but I tend to gild our Efex projects because I have a love for the European gilding wax.

The slant top desk has a black glaze over a pure white base coat.

And the final frame is from my friend Janet Metzger at the Empty Nest.

All a little different but all very white on white.

xoxo Lydia

Say ” Hello” to Rosey The Swag

Say ” Hello” to Rosey The Swag

Say  “hello” Rose Swag

Today we welcome our new rose swag to the family. Not as flat as our other swags these roses are fresh and bold. Surrounded by two bow swags they make for a perfect addition to our collection.

They are just like a spray of tiny rose buds.


The roses were inspired by the lovely bouquet of young rosebuds we see in the spring. I call this bouquet a spray of roses and it reminds me of our swag.

Measuring 8 “ x 2” they are priced at $9.00 each they are ready for you to embellish anything.

Below we are showing off SW9 on simple Christmas pots.

Or see how just one swag changes the look of this sideboard. Here our new swag is dressed up in antique bronze.

Hello, you sexy swag.


xoxo Lydia

3 Great Hostess Gifts – Quick and Easy with Efex

3 Great Hostess Gifts – Quick and Easy with Efex

Tis The Season

Now is the time to think about Christmas…. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving and we’re thinking about Christmas…

One of the best things about the holidays is making special gifts for those you love. And if you’re like me, you need to start early or you just run out of time.

So for this week, we are going to feature gifts you can make over on our Instagram account. There are so many quick and easy ideas to choose from.

Three easy gifts that you can have on hand for the holiday season.

Here are three easy gifts you can make this season using Efex for a special embellishment. We love them as hostess gifts or last-minute little presents for anyone.

1 – Our favorite holiday hostess and party gift is this seasonal planter You can use almost anything: clay pots with a rosettes or swags attached then fill with seasonal bulbs or herbs like this rosemary plant.

2 – Next up, Efex make quick and easy Christmas Decorations for trees and wreaths. Paint and/or gild with gold and attach. And the best part, you can reuse them on another project later!

3 – Jewelry boxes are always fun.  This box highlights R77 and gilding wax. Just so quick and easy to make and take.

Each of these ideas is so quick and easy. Just one afternoon and you can be set for the season.


xoxo Lydia


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