Look Books…

Look Books…

Efex on Books

Last week several people asked about using Efex on Books.

Our lovely friend Johanne from Quebec did it last year. She ran a D8 down the spine of the book and painted it with Chalk Paint.

Special Book Cover

More recently our dealer Apple Box Boutique in Alberta did a great example. This example is T14 cut up on the face of the book. Again painted with Chalk Paint and finished with dark wax.

I love the idea of painting and decorating books as a way to set up a bookcase or reading space. Just the addition of painted and decorated books adds an extra touch, making it something special.

In fact, we did it here at Maine Country Home also when we were doing projects for our Quick and Easy e-book.  If you have a book does not need painting, you can just paint the Efex, and glue it on with Rapid Fuse.

Book with rosettes

xoxo Lydia

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Efex and Fabric

Efex and Fabric

Efex on Fabric

Our clever friend in Montreal is at it again. This time with some striking and different uses for our appliques.

You see Johanne had this old sofa. Great french bones but the fabric was very outdated. Not in bad shape, just old fashion.  Hmm… what’s a creative to do?

Well she started out painting the sofa. As an Annie Sloan stockist, she knew that to paint fabric successfully you need to water down the paint and put several coats on. The actually painting time is not that much, but you do have some drying time on a project like this.

Because she started with a dark green and textured fabric she had to take her time and let the project progress on it’s schedule.

She clearly had some time to think because her clever idea of adding Efex to the side of the fabric was wonderful.

After several coats of paint she finished the project by waxing the wood. No need to wax the fabric especially if it is textured.

Voila, a wonderful and unique sofa saved by Chalk Paint® and Efex

xoxox Lydia

Faux Front – Faux Front Before and After Table Make Over

Faux Front – Faux Front Before and After Table Make Over

Faux Front

This before and after table makeover give new life to an old piece of furniture.

Have you ever had a piece of furniture that was (or should have been) headed to the burn pile? something that was just falling apart so bad you thought it was really a lost cause?

Well my friend Stacey from Faux Studio Designs had one in her office for years. Not only was it falling apart, but she was at a total loss for how to creatively change it. Image that! Being at a creative loss is something that happens to normal people like me, not my creative Stacey.

Table Before

Finally, an inspiration. Why not use Efex to doll up this table?

The table had two legs that were falling off and there was no drawer on the front. It was long gone. First she had to glue the fake drawer onto the  front and clean up the side, reattach the legs and then the rest was easy.

Just apply one of our trims, in this case T 43, and paint.

The final result is just wonderful, and more importantly it was in the end soon easy.  In the  end it just took a little thinking out of the box, and grabbing a flexible molding out of the bag.

Faux Front

If you have not seen them go over to her page, and check out her recipes for cabinets and furniture. A wealth of information in you mail box every month.  Psst.… don’t tell everyone but that’s where I get many of my creative ideas.

Bravo Stacey

xoxo Lydia

Gift Ideas…Little French Boxes

Gift Ideas…Little French Boxes

Little French Boxes,

Have you ever spent time looking for great little gift ideas. Maybe, for mothers day or a hostess gift for Easter. Look no more, you can make bespoke gifts with Efex.

Last month we highlighted a chair and box from my favorite artist Margret Wolley. Today we’re going to take a closer look at some more boxes These were done with Efex over 25 years ago. Can you say that Efex are durable?

little boxes

Little French Boxes.

Little French Boxes

Don’t you just love them!

xoxo Lydia