Chic Swedish Antiques

Chic Swedish Antiques have become a passion of mine, and, this weekend we went to a spectacular auction in Thomaston, Maine. It had some marvelous French and English antiques many of them with wonderful stories. For two days we watched, waited and bid and in a few instances we even succeeded in being the high bidder. But… that’s for a later post. Today I was searching around the web for inspiration for our auction purchases.

I didn’t have to go further than my inbox. And boy was the timing great. Tone on Tone has a new shipment. Sigh… If I lived closer or won the lottery or both….

Now that I have seen all these lovely pieces at Tone on Tone at least I know what colors and styles we will be using on the auction pieces.

First, this French marriage armoire is to die for.  The scrolls on the panel, the height, the color, the patina. pick one or all. Just wonderful. I hope you can now guess that actually just got our French breakdown armoire delivered. And can you tell I’m excited?

Picture Tone on Tone

Picture Tone on Tone

The pair of Swedish Gustavian Chest look just perfect on either side of the armoire and if you look carefully you will see they are embellished on the top (hint hint)

Picture Tone on Tone

Picture Tone on Tone

This desk is awesome and while not embellished the patina is perfect. And the hint of the daybed is designed to make my heart stop. It is very similar to the one I say a few months ago.

Finally this Swedish dresser and lovely mirror. I am intrigued by the patterns on the dresser.  I have been wondering playing with design ideas of a similar pattern to make as Efex.

swedish antiques

Picture Tone on Tone

The French table to the right is sooo… chic and the 1700’s Italian carved panel…. Well, we all know what I think of architectural pieces like that. Yup…. I’d love to make it an Efex.

There’s some wonderful eye candy for you this evening. Not only is it great furniture but the staging and styling is so perfect. Now tomorrow or Saturday I will be showing you what we actually found at the auction, and maybe a few things that we did not get and the stories behind them.

We have shared other Swedish inspirations before and please note that all of these pictures were from the Tone on Tone blog.

xoxo Lydia

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