Stunning Dresser Makeover

From Catfish Studios in Maryland

Sigh…. I wish I owned this dresser. This is truly one of the most elegant makeovers we have ever seen. So simple and yet so elegant and stunning.


First, the three simple pieces of our bendable moldings Swag SW7 and D7 drops were added. After they were applied with contact cement the dresser was painted.


Next, layers of Graphite and Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan were expertly mixed so there is an almost haunting and subtle tint to the stunning paint job.


Finally, the pulls, the Efex and the simple trim were  highlighted using the Royal Designs Stencil Cream. It was the icing on the cake.

Done by our dealer Celeste at Catfish Studios; Celeste is always happy to show customers how to get such elegant, dressy looks with all of her wonderful DIY products at any of her three locations.




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