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Do you lust after French Boiserie panels? You know the lovely ones we see in pictures of  manors all over Europe. We even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. As the lust became an obsession, I decided that one easy way was to design panels using our Efex.

We have chosen three easy designs mixing some of our 180 Efex patterns. They would be great on stand-alone panels, added to a raised door, or as designs on a piece of furniture.

The first one is a small panel that is so easy to make.


The inspiration came from an antique carving (French, of course) found on EBay. It’s easy to see the elements we used to mix and match They are an F15, 4 Fleur di Lis, and one small rosette R72.


Our frame measures 14” x x 8”. The FDL 1 measure 3.6” x 2.5” and the R 72 is 1.5 inches round. It would be perfect for a panel that was up to 18″ x 12 “. The bonus is you can set the design either way.

Our second inspiration is from a panel found on 1st dibs.


The recreation is easy, Just 1 SW8 swag and 2 D2 drops. Our example measures about 11″ in length and 7″ wide. You could stretch it to be a little longer, or a fix the swag to make it slightly deeper and shorter. It would fit perfectly on any panel between 12 and 14 inches.


Our final example is suited for a slightly smaller area.


B21 and R41 can be put together for a piece that is 7.5″ long. Remember, Efex are flexible so the tails of the bow could be bent at a different angle.

Or for one final idea for the day, look at the panel our dealer Paint Passion designed.


Caio for now.Untitled-1

Quick and Easy

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