Welcome to the first weekly Efex™ design board.  Every week we will showcase a different piece of furniture, develop a design board for ideas on how to use Efex™ for maximum style and design.

This week we are looking at empire style dressers.  American Empire, is a french, inspired style starting around 1810. The most notable empire style is New York cabinetmaker Duncan Phyfe.


Around 1815 – 1825 many empire pieces incorporated columns with rope-twist carving, animal-paw feet,, and acanthus-leaf ornamentation, sometimes in combination with gilding and vert antique (antique green, simulating aged bronze).

Early reproductions of this style dresser are easy to find. They often had curved drawers especially at the top which is no problem for efex moldings as they are flexible.

Start the design with a stretch of a simple dresser.


Looking at this drawing you can see that we want a signature something on the top drawer, and that the three bottom drawers are graduated in size. This means we are looking for objects of slightly different sizes.


On the top drawer I would suggest pediment 217 which is 4.5” by 4.7 inches at the top and then add 15 a simple scroll .


Down the drawers add scrolls (14,15,16) that have slightly different lengths. Remember scrolls are sold as pairs so you can always change the center spacing. You can view all of the efex™ decorative moldings in our catalog.

Then pick your color, Chalk Paint® French Linen and Old White which is one of my favorite combinations.

To finish apply your moldings, paint the initial coast of French Linen, and then add the Old White to the efex™ moldings. Finish with clear wax, and at least a touch of dark wax on the moldings. Or maybe even a little gilding wax.

Designed dresser copy

The emperor would be impressed. 🙂

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