Efex In The Garden

It is garden season here in Maine. Finally!

2017 maine country home garden

The tomatoes, lettuce, beans and peas are in, the squashes, zucchini and cucumbers are going in this week, along with a cabbage. Can’t wait to see if this year is as bountiful as last year.


We had great heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

and the cabbage was bigger than a 6 year old.

In general I don’t do annuals, they are to fussy, and/or I am to busy to keep them going all year long. Having said that I do have a few special pots that get annuals for the front of the house and our store Maine Country Home.

Over the last two years we have done several posts about Efex on Garden planters and pots. All have highlighted putting even on outdoor garden objects and decorating with plants. It’s so easy to do and a quick way do set your flowers apart from all the rest.

But… how well do Efex last outside?

Here in Maine we have harsh winters. Snow, ice, rain can all take there toll on outdoor furniture of any kind. Most of the time we put our pots away inside for the winter with the lawn mower. But… this year we were a little lazy.

Efex on garden pots

Maybe it was the late fall, or an early winter without snow but the pots just got left out doors. Then can old man winter and buried them under feet of snow and ice.

I am please to say the Efex did great outside.

The plastic pots from Lowes however did not fair as well.

As you can see from these pictures the Efex and paint are still going strong. The plastic on the base cracked in half and the other half of this pair of post, the plastic cracked the entire pot rendering it useless and unfixable.

The clay pots had their own issues. Paint peeled, and chipped off but again the Efex are fine. Just waiting for another coat of paint.

The ending of this story is simple. If you live in a harsh winter climate, put your garden pots away for the winter. Then they will be ready for spring or summer when it arrives.



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