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Efex™ Inspirations abound on the web. It has been a very busy week here in Maine as both orders of Efex™ have arrived here from New Zealand.

Once they arrive in the USA, there are a few things to do before they leave  Maine for our retail partners.  Each piece is packaged in cellophane bags with cute little cards giving you application instructions.

Of course, when the first shipment arrived, we had a few small issues figuring out what bags we needed for which sizes, but I think we have that sorted 🙂


I happened to be looking through the latest edition of Romantic Country Home. Wow did I get some great inspirations.


Look at these two great fireplace mantels. To get this look all you need is to add a couple of scrolls and may be a wreath. Paint, and presto, it’s yours.

Then this lovely headboard.


Finally, this elegant valance. This is so easy with our  swags and bows.


I can hardly wait for next week, when I actually get to paint again. My mind is racing.

All photo’s from Romantic Country Home.

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