Elegant French Style

When it comes to elegant French style Cindy from Edith and Evelyn has a perfect touch with painting and design. Check out this stunning transformation.

She found this chest at an estate sale, it was just the right shape for her foyer and “it had lovely faux painted scenes on the top and front, but I wasn’t crazy about the finish on it” she said. “It was pale yellow and looked as though it had been “sponged” with green paint, giving it a splotchy look.”

DSC_0012 DSC_0013

Five layers of Pure and Original paint  and a couple of Efex later she had transformed this chest into a magnificent work of art.


Leaving the faux painted scenes and just painting around them was a fabulous touch. Look at the beautiful job she did layering and distressing the paint.


Adding a few small Efex  complimented the existing wood carvings on the front.


I love how this little scroll fits in on the leg. She finished the Efex with gilders paste and then waxes the entire piece.

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