Elegant New Molding from Efex

She’s sexy, bold, and very French. She’s our newest Efex bendable moulding, and she has a past. A lady with history!


M is an original bronze with a sophisticated look about her. Like every lady of a certain age with a little buffing she shines.

We first met M on a laughable day of shopping at the St. Ouen flea markets in Paris. Stacey from Faux Studio Designs and I had driven from Normandy to Paris to see the sights and visit the fleas.

Note – they have a great rail system in France but we had rented a car to tour the country so why not drive to Paris? My children and husband were in the USA so there was no one around to tell Stacey why I should NEVER be allowed to rent a car and drive around in Europe.

We found Paris in the dark with the help of our iPhones – mon dieu. The phone died two blocks from our hotel so we were sans map. 3 hours and 5 laps around the Arc de Triomphe (I kept getting stuck in the inside track) and the Effiel Tower we found the hotel. Phew…time for wine.


Phew…time for wine.


The next morning it’s pouring buckets of rain, but we’re Americans in Paris who love antiques, so we’re off to the fleas anyway! And yes, I drove. After a few more laps around the Arc de Triumph (nowhere near the fleas) we found the markets – kind of. We ended up parking two arrondissements away and walking. Ouch.. several hours and shopping has not yet begun.

It didn’t take us long to find the mother load. Sitting in a tiny stall right next to 2 dozen of the greatest trumeau mirrors we have ever seen was a man selling old bronze and ormolu embellishments. I think our hearts skipped a few beats before we went crazy.

But at this point we’re almost out of cash. I sprint down the street in the rain for the ATM, did I mention it was almost closing time? I took out max cash and sprint back.

When I arrived Stacey was proudly holding M. She had been dug out of the bottom of a crate, but still had all of her chic Parisian style. We finished the day with a lot of bronze, many of which are soon to be Efex, But M was the star of the day.

A large wreath with two crossed federal flames and a small bow – she measures 10″ x 10″ and is totally French. The retail price is $39.00. Now M1 is a bendable version available for you to get the perfect French look.


Like all of our 160+ designs she’s bendable and ready to decorate anything you can think of. It is easy to gild with gilding wax, metallic paint, or foils. We layered different colors of gilding wax to achieve the great patina above.


M would look equally elegant on a bed or large armoire. This signature piece is ready to ship, and all of our dealers can order one for you today.

Soon, we will show you how we finished the trumeau mirror below.

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