Finding Inspiration


“Where do you get your inspirations”  Like many I run to the web to look at photo’s.  I can fall down the Pinterest and Instagram rabbit hole and get lost so fast.

Any time you scroll around the web there are photo’s that just grab your attention.Two things usually pop into my head at almost the same time. One is sigh… i with I had taken that picture (sorry got off track here different thought) and one is wow I could do that.

Often we’re drawn to a single element in a photo that just sparks our interest. It’s instant attraction So what does this have to do with reimagining your home with your own bespoke furniture?

Once you identified that spark then you can find and  re-imagin your next masterpiece.


Sometimes, it’s as easy as adding a rosette, This inspiration for this table  came from this Swedish day bed.I recently saw   this lovely mens bureau with a similar rosette which started me thinking about staining Efex on an old wooden chest. The initial spark was the love seat and it’s already morphed into a bespoke table and additional  deas.

Often my friends and Efex stockists are sources of inspiration. This dresser from Celest at  Catfish Studio it just spoke to me. It is remincient of this lovely antique chest with inlayed swags and drops. Thinking out of the box here, what if you added the Efex and just stained them.


What were looking for a spark to start the journey that takes a plain object, and turn it into a bespoke design.

Finally, this perfect Scandinavian desk. The lovely embellishments on the front would be as easy as cutting up a swag SW21 and putting a rosette in between the two parts.

So… where did you find inspiration today?

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