Unpacking Efex

Unpacking Efex has been a lot of fun but boy has it been a whirlwind week.  We’ve had a great time imagining what different places all these nifty moldings could go on.

We took a break from all the bagging and tagging to finally play and see what these latex pieces could do!


We chose this lovely large mirror to adorn with some scrolly corners and pediments.

It’s always a good idea to lay out the pieces you’re thinking of using…I had grabbed about three different trims and corners before I settled on ones I liked!

We ended up using this product (comes in many different varieties and colors):

To adhere the Efex.  Stay tuned for a comprehensive rant about contact adhesives, they’re not all going to work!  As a side note: we would suggest staying away from rubber cements/contact cements found at your local crafting store.  The sticking power just isn’t there.

It’s a good idea to wear disposable gloves when working with these high grade adhesives, take it from me!  I think I’ve finally gotten all the glue off my fingers…

And the most important take away from this play day is: have patience!  Once you’ve applied adhesive to both the Efex molding and the surface, wait.  The tackier the adhesive becomes, the easier it is for the piece to stay they first time.

_D600929Miss Ivy couldn’t stand the waiting…

So after a few choice words, and a lot of patience, we stepped away from a mirror frame we could be proud of!

_D600927First coat: Duck Egg, second coat: Old White, then gold gilding wax to accent the Efex

Don’t miss our in depth look into the world of contact cements in the next few weeks!

Happy Efex-ing!

– Samantha

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