The book is an illuminating tour of French interiors and a how-to resource for attaining that Gallic flair.

This delightful book by Erin Swift can really help you get that special French flair no matter what your starting point is.  Join us on a literary tour and take your rooms and furniture to French finishing school.

Broken into five perfect sections it’s not just a pretty picture book. Nor is it a historic tome. Rather it is a delightful style book. No surprise Ms. Swift is a stage set designer and stylist as well as a world class writer.


Her five main elements (chapters) say it all.

1 – Starting with Color – Both neutrals and deep and striking colors have a place in French flair. Similar to French fashion, the neutrals get accessories with pops of color, while the bold color statements are paired with neutrals and softened with antiques like this kitchen

2 –  Art and Furniture – It’s not just about buying expensive art and antique furniture. Swift showcases two important points. Mixing modern with antiques is more than acceptable, it’s a necessity for this style.

Antiques are not just for living rooms, as highlighted by this lovely photo from the book of this amoire in a bath room.


3 – Objects and Accents – is not about your typical mass produced French accents. The idea behind this section is to take the normal and make it special. Objects can be frames or flowers or anthing you want.


She delves into the idea of layering and speaks to collecting, not objects that everyone has, but object that reflect your life.

4 – Structure – the heart of book and the highlight of structure is the molding. Of course we were smitten!


5 – Texture – the final chic dressing on a home, including textiles and floors and flooring. A great way to add interest if much of the room is plain or neutral.

Will you be rushing to the bookstore to grab this French style bible?

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