General Finishes Pearl Effects and Efex

General Finishes Pearl Effects on Efex. Honest…. no pun intended.

We are always looking for ways to give our Efex an antiqued old world look.

Yesterday, a box of GF Pearl Effects arrived at the barn and well… it was kind of like a kid at Christmas. With two hours to go before dinner guests arrived there was no time to plan anything formal. Hum… what’s a girl to do, wait and plan or just dive in? Diving was the answer and for two hours I manically mixed and matched random Efex in the barn for these samples.

With 6 colors General Finishes Pearl Effects (Argentine, Bronze, Burnished, Champagne, Copper, and Tawny) are a slightly metallic slightly pearlescent top coat that gives a special depth and shimmer to your projects.

Bronze – This P17   was already painted in layers of greens and blues and Bronze was the first can out of the box. The trim on this board, T63, is also an Efex cut to resemble an old door, the very top of the trims is also highlighted in bronze.

P17 and GF Bronze

This lovely rosette R77 takes on a very different feel when done in the GF Bronze. Very regal and maybe a little gothic? This sample was painted directly over our latex appliqué without any undercoat. Did I mention I was excited to play with these finishes?


From Bronze to Copper the R14 was also previously layered in greens and blues. We simply added a copper topping and rubbed it back with a cloth to show the paint.


Champagne – By now the search is on for older projects to either repaint or just play with. The hunt turned up this R11 with a Grecian urn. The board was already painted white with a wax finish. A quick coat of champagne added a lovely pearlescent shine.


Burnished – The cute little corner pieces is done in Burnished which resembles a yellow gold. These corners would look lovely on furniture especially since Burnished is not a bright shinny gold.


Tawny – Another P17 was quickly painted in white with a light almost dry brushed coat of Tawny. You might not be able to see it on the sample picture but Tawny is an interesting almost kaki color with very subtle sheen.


Finally, a small piece of T34 our Acanthus Leaf trim got a quick coat of Florence Chalk Paint® then a light topping of Argentine which is a great silver color.  Buy now the guest are pulling into the driveway so time to stop.


This morning, I modified the T34. While the silver straight up is delightful, it’s a new day and time to start layering some of the colors. Here more Argentine is added and then lightly stippled Tawny and a few Bronze highlights. Sigh… my favorite of the bunch.


My conclusion – General Finishes Pearl Effects are awesome on Efex.

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