Get A Great Industrial Style Using Efex™

This project was totally inspired by an arched mirror in one of the RH catalogs but we added a special twist.


So…How do you get that awesome detail and an Industrial look using Efex™?

One day while she was out hunting Samantha found this mirror. The arch top and small round ornament were a great place to start, but this mirror was in rough shape all the way around. When we got it the top piece was broken off, and it was originally used on the back of a dresser so the lower part had an odd part where it was attached. There were also decorative pieces missing, but there was still huge potential in this well-loved mirror.


Once we did a little strategic glueing and cutting we were ready to add the special twist, Efex™.  We also wanted some Efex™ to enhance the arch top and give it a real Industrial look.


We started by choosing our Efex, in this case the small art deco trim, 2 little rosettes and a pair of scrolls. We applied the art deco trim over the arch and around the mirror. The scrolls were set on either side of the round embellishment and the two little rosettes were chosen to emulate the larger round embellishment.


Putting the trim on the arch was easy, because with Efex they are extremely flexible, and that means you can form them to fit the arch. Bending around corners and arches are no problem for these versatile appliqués!

So…How do you get that awesome Industrial finish?

We started by painting with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey. Once we had the base coat the fun part begins a color wash. because we want to be more industrial so we went for a wash in Graphite.


Once the piece was washed we were ready for the zip and bling. On the large center embellishment we wanted a very small amount of subtle bling. This was achieved by pouncing on a combination of two foils, silver and black. Just cover the area with Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size, let it get tacky, then take crumpled up pieces of foil and pounce (or dab) on the area.


For the rest of the Efex trim we went with a tone on tone trim,


A perfect faux zinc finish and a great Restoration Hardware style mirror.

Quick and Easy

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