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Grace and Glory

Grace and Glory is located in Rotorua New Zealand. Tammy Cowlishaw the owner  is a creative force, or maybe I should say a creative Efex force.


With the name comes a tag line that really says it all. The Grace of Time The Glory of Today. Her store is simple, elegant and very French. It’s just perfect.


But there is nothing simple about the projects she does with Efex.

First, she combines the moldings in such a creative way that they stand out even more. The scrolls combined with this rosette to make a frame. It could have come straight from Versailles.

Or these combinations, of swags, drops, and rosettes.


Or this combination where she is planning a project.

Grace and Glory planning

Photo by Grace and Glory

Then she made this magnificent boiserie board.

Grace and Glory panel

Adding to her design skills her painting skills are exceptional

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.16.43 AM

The gilding and the multi tones on this pediment harken back to an era of craftsmanship that many feel is dead and gone. But not here in Grace and Glory.


Finally, her photography and displays elevate the whole package to a glorious level of sophistication. I love the way she photographed several of these appliques against an oil painting.

For anyone in New Zealand, Rotorua is just not that far and I am certain a trip to Tammy’s is worth it! I know it’s on my list for my next trip to New Zealand.

All photos used today were from Grace and Glory. Thank you Tammy!

xoxoxo Lydia

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