Our tagline is “Symbol of Style”, so often we write about different things that are just that. Our inspiration for these posts, and our Efex designs, come from many sources. Sometimes right into our own inbox.Yesterday’s blog by one of our favorites Saxon Henry really struck us.

In a marvelous play on words, this one was called “The Seat of Scottish Power

In a delightful recap of the movie Her Majesty and Mrs. Brown, we sat sipping coffee and reading about Queen Victoria and John Brown. The movie itself is wonderful, but we kept wondering how this was going to tab into interior design. Then she started discussing a new collection of furniture by Bruce Andrews with one style in particular, causing a full-on swoon, the Highland Chair.

“Born in Scotland, made In America” The collection is a series of uber luxe wingback style chair – the ultimate symbol of style for seating.


This particular chair, in lush velvet with a Greek key appliqué fabric trim. It also has custom legs, with hand made adornments on the feet. We did say uber luxe!


Until that minute, we had never thought about our trims on the bottom of a chair. Maybe not over the upholstery, but on a chair with an exposed wooden frame it would make it truly unique. Take this chair pictured below. We can think of at least ten trims that would fit just below the seat. Being bendable certainly comes in handy in a project like this.


Whether you choose to paint or stain your Efex moldings, with just a few embellishments you can make any chair a symbol of style.

Check in tomorrow to see what we found on our recent trip to New Orleans. And don’t forget to hop over to Saxon Henry’s blog, it’s always a great read!

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