Say  “hello” Rose Swag

Today we welcome our new rose swag to the family. Not as flat as our other swags these roses are fresh and bold. Surrounded by two bow swags they make for a perfect addition to our collection.

They are just like a spray of tiny rose buds.


The roses were inspired by the lovely bouquet of young rosebuds we see in the spring. I call this bouquet a spray of roses and it reminds me of our swag.

Measuring 8 “ x 2” they are priced at $9.00 each they are ready for you to embellish anything.

Below we are showing off SW9 on simple Christmas pots.

Or see how just one swag changes the look of this sideboard. Here our new swag is dressed up in antique bronze.

Hello, you sexy swag.


xoxo Lydia

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