Historically Accurate

Very often we mention that our Efex designs are historically accurate. With a library of over 600 pieces we have chosen to show the to 180 in the catalog.

Yet…. when I look at these two antique french panel from 1st DIB’s It is interesting to see the similarities.

The first panel is a series of scrolls in different sizes and slightly different shapes. They are all leaf patterns.  Like many of the scrolls, we have available.

They are all centered around  flat molding that would be easy to imitate even make with a stencil and some Wood Icing. A rosette at the top sets off a moving pattern that goes down to a series of small round flower motifs that get progressively larger.

French Antique Panel

The base is dentil molding and then a fill piece with more scrolls.

The next piece has the same fill pieces but is more of a circular form. The inside is an emblem of a vase and roses. but the scrolls still surround all of the leafs on the outside.


While these designs are   complex it is not totally ornate, which is what I was drawn to when I saw it. Maybe when I get home I should try to copy this one? What do you think?

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