Hooligan made me do it!

I mentioned yesterday that we are working on a whole bunch of new projects in the barn this week (and this weekend) and many of them are very quick and easy. As I was on my way to do some of those projects – there are about 11 to be finished – Hooligan gave me another!

Hooligan waylaid me to play the stick game. Ok, labs love the stick and tennis ball game, but this was not a little stick, rather a large piece of driftwood she had carted up from the beach.

Hooligan and her piece of driftwood

As I took it out of her mouth and put it on the table, I had an idea!


What if I made this a votive candle holder? What If I added Efex? Taking few coastal Efex that were sitting around from the July 4th weekend. I laid them out on the board, grabbed my new favorite glue, and “voila!” An outdoor candle holder for the table.


So, a bit of found driftwood and a few Efex and you have a lovely centerpiece. How easy is that?


The table in the picture also has one of our rope trim Efex around the top (down in the left corner). This is actually the first project we ever did with Efex. As you can see it’s still holding up after three years! My… how time flies.


Oops… I forgot the best part.  We have a new glue for you use with Efex: Dap Rapid Fuse. Brand new to the market, it is far less messy than contact cement. And the best part?  You don’t need to paint over it to get rid of the glue lines. The possibilities are endless.


Stay tuned for more quick and easy no-paint projects with Efex!



Quick and Easy

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