How to Use Efex

How to use efex? It is really very easy.  Here is a simple five step outline for how to apply your moldings.


1 – Design your project. Take a little time to pick out your efex, and then follow the old adage, measure twice, cut once.

2 – Dry fit the moldings and cut them to size. Remember, you can stretch efex about 1% in many directions. I tack the moldings on with small nails to see what they will look like.

3- Mark and cut your moldings to size. Use a sharp knife or sizers to cut.

4 Glue on with a contact type glue. Apply glue to piece your working on, then apply the glue to the back of the molding. Once the glue is slightly dry press the two together. Note, all cans of contact glue have directions. Please read the directions on the can. If you need to you can tack in with small nails or clamp. Clean up the edges and then let dry completely, drying times will vary depending on glue used, humidity and drying temp.


5. When your glue is dry paint and finish with any technique that your want, crackle medium, building, antiquing wax etc.

Quick and Easy

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