Introducing theFrench Collection mouldings. The first round of appliqués have arrived. Yahoo.

We found the originals for these appliqués on trip to France last October.  I was fortunate to go hunting with my friends and dealers Stacey Christensen from Faux Studio Designs and Virgina Weathersby from The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing. Between rural brocantes  and the Paris fleas we found a  number of 19th-century appliqués.

The hard part was deciding on which ones to purchase. and in the end we settled on some pediments, escutcheons, rosettes and a new swag. From France these appliqués traveled to New Zealand to become Efex™.  Original bronzes are turned into molds


and then our fabulous flexible latex appliqués are hand poured.


Having now done a lap around the planet,  the new products are back. So we are please to introduce the French Collection

Pediment P 15


The largest pediment we have the roses and details are just wonderful. Measuring 14″ by 4.5″ this is a thick appliqué and will perfect as a signature piece on many types of furniture including mirrors, amoires, book cases, and even range hoods.

Swag SW 9


Our new signature swag  is the largest swag in the line. Flowers abound, in this lovely beauty.

R 30 is a long triangular federal shield. The detail is Neo-Classical or US Federal period, Use a pair of them for perfect symmetry or as a single focal point. These would be spectacular on a wooden, unpainted piece, with  gilding on the Efex.


The second Rosette R118 is a slightly smaller shield, this one with ribbons surrounding an eagle.


There is a new escutcheons in the line. E5 is a very special neo classical design.


In addition to this collection we have added over 20 other appliques to our catalog.

To see all of our appliqué designs sign up today for a full catalog.

Dream On

Lydia and The Efex Team

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