Have you tried layering Efex on top of itself yet? It’s a really great way to create your own style, and change the way a piece looks.

You may remember this mirror project by Victoria at Trois Petites Filles:

TPF mirror

You can see on the sides she layered pieces over a piece of T8 trim. This gives the mirror depth, dimension, and authenticity. It looks like a lovely frame you might find in a chateau in France.

You don’t always have to go over-the-top to layer your mouldings. Check out this other mirror for inspiration:


efex mirror 2efex mirror 4

Simply made with T13 trim and R4 (available soon). Because Efex is so bendable it goes over the trim ends with ease. This is a great way to cover corners without mitering the ends of your trim. You could also use R114, R108, R72, or even FDL2 depending on the size of your project.

And remember, if they’re a little too big, you can always trim them with scissors or a utility knife! “Bend” them to your will!

Happy Efexing!

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