Madam X a new molding.

I am obsessed with French Antique Stores. So… it will come as no surprise that wgreat one in e found a great one in Auckland New Zealand. In fact our dining room table and sideboard come from here.

Today’s find can come back to the USA in a carry-on bag. She will fit nicely in my very over packed luggage and boy oh boy is she pretty.

In another life, late 1800’s  she was a friend of our lovely Miss M.

Coming Soon

Imagine… Madam X is leaving her home in Paris for the opera. Her home is resplendent in the latest furnishing of the day, many from the newly opened Bon Marche the first department store in Paris.

The year is 1870, the New French Republic is in fully swing, yet many of the design trends still have a hint of the last emperor. Paris has been revitalized with all new streets and boulevards. The Eiffel tower is still a dream.

As Madam X swing down her arched staircase she checks her makeup in a small mirror over a demi- lune table. The ornamentation on the mirror is a dramatic bronze casting. Soon to become our new molding nick named Madam X for now.

This molding measures 12 x 5 and is .75 inches deep.


Made up of ribbons surrounded by a torch and flame she is a grand symbol of neoclassical design that was just starting to wain in Europe at this time. I can imagine her on a mirror or adorning a tall armoire. Where would you like to see our latest design?


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