A Nod to Nordic Style

New designs from Efex.

As most of you know I love Scandinavian design in all forms. Especially, antiques. However, they are so expensive. Many times, i see wonderful  embellishments on Swedish furniture and in their decor. Like this stair case.

Swedish look to inspire

I have several ideas for new designs that we are working on and am always looking for more.  Then one day I realized that we had the beginnings in our own Nordic Style appliques in our archives.  Great advise, when looking for something new always shop your home first!

We are so proud to introduce our three new appliqués which are the beginning of our new Nordic Collection



Nordic Drop D3 – This drop is a perfect match for our new SW 1 swag. They were designed to go together. Less flowery that our most popular drops these are clean with a bold statment. The drop is 5.0″ long and 1.5″ wide and retails for $7.00.


Nordic Swag SW1 – A very norse swag similar to the one in our inspiration photo. The center piece of the swag reminds me of a norse helmet. The swag meausres 6.5″ x .3″ and retails for $7.00

Nordic Drop


Nordic Corner C3 – Finally this corner is a little nod to simplicity. Again, not quite as frilly as our similar C6 or C7 it measures 3.0″ x 3.0″ and retails for $7.00.


It is easy to image these on a simple piece of furnture or box. Especially when done with a great Scandinavian Blue color.

In addition to these three new beauties we are beginning to add a few of our other appliqes in this catagory as we really think they go well with this style.

They are in our updated catalog which you can download below. Remember any of our dealers can get them to you ASAP.



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