Tomorrow we’re off to Brimfield for some treasure hunting. If you’ve never been, it’s a smorgasbord of vintage and antiques, repurposed items, furniture, and just about everything under the sun. Fields and fields of goodies, it’s enough to make you faint with happiness.


To get our minds into inspiration mode for what we can do with all the furniture we get for this amazing flea we leafed through some inspirations to get the creative juices flowing.

When you go to a show as big as Brimfield it’s easier to stay focused and not over spend if you have a list in advance of what you’re looking for.

Our list is separated into three parts:

1 – More inspiration – that’s easy, just take a fully charged camera. Looking at period pieces can spark a new idea for design and style.

2- More original goodies to make into Efex. We’re always on the lookout for something unique and interesting to add to our catalog!

3- Cool furniture that can be refreshed with Efex. As we get ready to go to the show we have a list of ideas that we want to try and enact.

In the more goodies for Efex category, we’ve been on the lookout for a cornucopia, like this picture from Tone on Tone, and more bronzes to use for slightly thicker and bulkier, more three-dimensional pieces for the collection.


What do you think of angel wing Efex?


We’re also always on the hunt for more art deco and modern styles to make into a new collection.

Now the cool furniture collection is always long and endless..


Doors for display and decorating,


French chairs,

Farmhouse tables and anything Gustavian.

Lone Ranger Antiques

picture from the Lone Ranger Antiques

Wish us luck on our search, and stay tuned to see what we found!

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