Have you Read Paris Flea Market Style? This book is eye candy for anyone who loves French style and found treasures.

“Paris is the place where shopping daydreams come true.” Specifically, the five special areas showed in Claudia Strasser’s lovely book Paris Flea Market Style.


Quoting the author, “The flea markets offer one of a kind insights into a lovely bygone era that valued beauty and worked to create it. The craft was as important as the product it produced and even the tools were something special.” Filled with both shopping and style tips Claudia is a globetrotting author and designer with a passion for Paris and the fleas.


It’s not hard to figure out that our favorite chapter is Architectural Elements and Hardware. Followed by Outdoors, Furniture, and Textiles. In truth we loved the whole book!

The mirrors above (on the back cover) often come from old grand apartments. This one grabs us at Efex, with the bows, swags, and drops. Might have to do another mirror and use this design!

The details on the Louis XV column with all its chippy goodness are heart stopping.


These pictures are a great example of how accurate and timeless the antique designs of our Efex are. B19 Swag 6, 7, and 8 as well as a similar T42 trim, are all parts of our catalog of unique bendable moldings.

However, to get a well styled French room you need a variety of texture and light. Enter two of our other passions, textiles and chandeliers, specifically the antique French kind.


Reading this book definitely started us dreaming of Paris and her fleas. It just might be time to plan another shopping trip, remember this is where we found M!

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