Making Patina

Doorway Patina

Reading Patina As painters and embellishers, we are obsessed with making all things looking old and worn. Trying to figure out  how to get that look with our tools in our paint box. We love looking at pictures like the one below and saying “ Sigh… I want that look” or...

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Water and Oil Don’t Mix

Every fifth grade art class teaches students that wax and water colors don’t mix. But… if you tell a five year old to use wax before painting furniture or walls they would look at you with that, “your silly mummy” look that only a five year old can muster.

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Crud…the secret sauce for a rustic finish

Today I’m going to change your relationship with crud. No, I’m not talking about the stubborn white stuff you can’t scrub off your shower walls no matter how much elbow grease you apply. And for my readers in ski country, I don’t mean powder with tracks.

I’m singing the praises of sawdust, a.k.a. “crud”, today’s resist in my series of posts on How to Get that Chippy Look. I was surprised, too, when I first learned this technique from our Efex stockist Janet Metzger of the Empty Nest. Even my husband thought he was cleaning up after me when he tried to wipe the sawdust off of my unattended work-in-progress!

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Making Patina…making new furniture look old

We have always wanted to do a series on “Making Patina.” Detailed step-by-step instruction, videos, and other great resources from the web as well as inspiration photos showing you different ways you can upcycle your furniture to look like an antique.

So often we see furniture that we can paint, or add Efex embellishments, to get that aged look. But the tricky part is often where to start. We’re providing you a simple road map to help you take that first step.

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