Maison Decor and Amy Chalmers

Maison Decor is a fabulous shop and I imagine you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting to see who is becoming an Efex™ USA retailer.  Wait no longer!  Here is the first retailer we’re highlighting, and don’t worry, we’re adding more nationwide almost daily.

Amy Chalmers

Maison Decor image

mantle finished

before mantle

Stepping into Amy’s shop is like being transported into vintage France.  There’s a little country, a little elegance, and a whole lot of style.  She is superbly talented, and we’re so excited that she’s bringing her creativity and talent to the Efex™ team.

In fact, here’s her first Efex™ project, before and after.

You’d hardly believe that it’s the same mantle!

For more inspiration, visit Amy’s shop if you’re in Massachusetts, and be sure to check out her website too!


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