Our friend Johanne Bilodeau is a very talented faux painter and Efex retailer located in Montreal, Quebec.

Her store in Montreal is a little bit of heaven. Filled with great furniture, great paint, and of course Efex. If you look at the gallery on her website you will see the breadth of her talent.

She and her lovely daughter and husband visited us in Maine over Easter.

While I learned several of the techniques used in marbling, she was busy designing some her next Efex projects.


Inspired, she went home and created this lovely, simple night stand.


She also did a great before

tete de lit efex before

and after on a head board.

tete de lit efex

You can use Efex to highlight the furniture’s existing style, be it French, Scandinavian, modern, etc… It’s easy to create easy and simple additions to make a piece unique and your own.

If you are in Montreal go visit Peintre de l’illusion, it is well worth the trip! If you want to shop online, her store is only a click away. In fact, Montreal is such a lovely city, I think it may be on my trip list…

Lydia and The Efex Team.

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