Garden Pot Update

It’s been a little over three weeks since I placed my Efexed clay pots outside in the elements…guess it’s time to give you an update on how they’re doing!

All’s well in the garden front!  They’ve been through a lot already this spring; varying temperatures, bright sunshine, thunder storms, and many downpours.  Aside from a freak blizzard they’ve seen just about all types of weather.


The contact cement is holding on beautifully, and I was able to make a mistake just so you wouldn’t have to!  I do it all for you guys.


See how this shell has started to peel off?  I remember putting this one on (but where I put my car keys, that’s a mystery).  It’s peeling off because I didn’t put enough contact cement on both the rim of the appliqué and the surface of the pot.  So let it be known, for both inside and outside pieces, don’t be stingy with the glue!  That last thing you want is for your project to fall apart.  This is an easy fix though…just put a little more glue on the back of the appliqué and on the surface, wait for them to be dry to the touch, and then press the two surfaces together, just like you would when applying the Efex™ pieces the first time.

So go on, make your own outdoor Efex™ project!

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