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Are you ready for Valentines Day

Our friend and stockist Rose at Wood Icing is a queen of mixed media.

I so heart this project using woodicing for raised stencils,

multi media

Efex scrolls, and stamps.

Efex on Heart

Of course the painting technique is just superb.

She painted with Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and used her Tree Bark Glazing Color.  The Tree Bark with the lush red make it look like a red velvet cake. Totally yummy.

The last touch was dry brushing Modern Masters Acrylic Gold paint. Wood Icing is a magical texture paste that can make your next painting or embellishing project much more easier. It is a must in any painters tool kit.

Wood Icing Heart

So please share the love this Valentines Season.

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xoxo Lydia

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