Painting seashells

We had a different post set for this morning and then we found this photo from who’s painting seashells.
Our friend and fellow Efex stockist Tami from Patina Home and Garden shared this photo on her Facebook feed:


Well, our imagination has just run wild.
The artist, Barbara Moloney Callen,  posted these adorable seashells to the Sanibel-inspired Artisans Group.

These seashells are hand painted with a sharpie. Just imagine! The possibilities are endless.

Here at Efex, we have a collection of coastal moldings, including scallop and cockle shells just like the ones pictured here. They, too, can be decorated with a sharpie. We would recommend sealing them with a clear top coat afterward.

Coastal Dresser

Now we just need to find the time to try painting our Efex shells to look as pretty as these! They are a perfect symbol of coastal style. To see more of our appliques and inspirations hop on over to our Pinterest boards for some extra eye candy.

Ciao, until next time


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