Simple Nautical Moldings

Simple nautical moldings come in a range of styles Today we show how we used our rope moldings for every occasion and their bendable!


This is an ultra quick and easy transformation using decorative moldings. We recently found this simple iron table base at a yard sale. Since we love easy coastal style this was a great first Efex project for my husband.


First, Mr. Maine Country Home applied the decorative rope molding using contact cement. To apply the contact cement to the nautical moldings we brush on the back of the molding and the top of the metal. Wait until it is dry to the touch and apply. We set the glass on top and let it dry overnight.


I painted the rope molding old white, and the table Napoleonic blue. Took me about 15 min.


Voila, table changed from drab to fab in a blink. It is amazing what you can do with our decorative moldings.

This post first appeared in Maine Country Home


Quick and Easy

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