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 Suite Pieces, especially owner Amanda Peppard is a specialist in re-inventing furniture. In fact, she was recently on HGTVs Flea Market Flip. Way to go Amanda!

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She is an expert in design, and can always help you create your own style. And between her flea market flipping for HGTV and her great video series, she may be a budding TV star! She recently did this great video using our Efex decorative appliqués. Thank you Amanda.

With three stores to serve you in the New York Area, Huntington, Massapequa, and Brooklyn, Suite Pieces has all your needs covered.

Her design philiosopy can best be summed up by the about us section on their web page.

At Suite Pieces we believe not all vintage is created equal. Although we find great pieces that need only be admired, we find many others that are in need of tender love & care. Whether they are too blemished to be worth repair or are simply the wrong color, we think these gems in the rough deserve a second chance. And second chances are where we shine! We teach you how to do it yourself, without spending a ton of cash and time.

We make projects fun, easy and the results are fabulous!


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