This Before and After is not an Illusion…

Her store name in French loosely translates into painter of illusions, but this is not an illusion. This makeover from Peintre del llusion will amaze you!

My friend Johanne is not a simple painter. Trained as a faux finisher she knows more great tricks than anyone I know.

Last winter she, her husband (who is a wine merchant) and model beautiful daughter came to visit us in Maine over Easter.

We shared fun times and a lot of laughs as she tried to teach me how to create faux marble. I learned a lot but I’m not as talented as she is. Of course between painting and touring around midcoast Maine we shared some great wine.

Let’s look at what the talented Johanne as done today.


This little chest was just a wreck. Most people would not have even touched it. I would have gotten rid of it as it was. In my eye it was beyond repair.


Not our Johanne, Frist she added some Efex. The trim is T42 and 2 B9’s on the side.

She began painting with a coat of Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

While the first coat was still wet, she wrapped silk paper over the entire piece to hide the damage. Would you have thought of that? Never in a million years would it have crossed my mind. Then she second coat of old white. Finally, she dry brushed French Linen and waxed with clear and dark wax.


Lets toast to this stunning makeover.

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