Touring the Uffizi with Stacey

As we’ve been writing about, our friend Stacey Christensen from Faux Studio Designs is busy touring museums and learning about patina in Italy. Earlier this week we showed you Stacey’s water gilding, but did not have a great picture of her frame. So first, here is the awesome frame she did for her project, which I think is just striking:


The more I look it’s a perfect blend of old and new. The bright blue, not quite navy a bit more bold, with the gold really says “modern” to me. But now… on to the old, very old.

Finally getting a break from class, when in Florence there are a few places you must visit. The Ponte Vechio is one… it is almost the home of gold and right next door is the Uffizi Gallery Museum.


The two floors of the Uffizi house one of the oldest and most historically collections of art in the world. At its heart it is the private Medici collection, bequeathed to the city in the 18th century. The art spans from the 11th-century to Botticelli and the flowering of Renaissance art.


The gallery’s most popular artwork is The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, followed by others such as da Vinci’s Annunciation and the Medici Venus sculpture.




Based in a renaissance palace built in 1560 both the building and the art are a sight to behold. Let’s see what Stacey found for patina while touring the Uffizi in the photo’s below.






Next week we will share Staceys furniture painting adventures. Stay tuned.

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