Trimming Efex

Trimming Efex is easy as we see on today’s project.

Today we’re spotlighting a ravishing redo by Mary Anne, of Brushstrokes by Mary Anne in Cumming Georgia.

Here are the pieces she used:

Around the rim-

T70 42.5” x .6” Large Bead

T70 42.5” x .6” Large Bead


On the skirt-

T43 17.3″ x 2.7″ Flower and Wheat

But wait, Mary Anne’s T43 trim looks a bit different than the one pictured above.efex on table

Clever Mary Anne cut the latex background off of her trim! This can be accomplished with scissors or a utility knife. This is a great technique is you don’t want to continue the pattern along the entire skirt but have it in one place instead.

Wonderful job! If you’re in Georgia head over to Mary Anne’s shop for inspiration and your Efex fix!

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