Russbourough House

Russbourgh House is this weekends trip to the country.. Ok, so it is only in our dreams but… what a lovely idea, a weekend at the country house.


This home has some of the most extraordinary stucco and decorative plaster work found anywhere in the world.

Russbourough House

This grand palladian mansion in Wicklow Ireland, was built in 1740 for beer magnet Joseph Lesson, later to become the first earl of Milltown. When he commissioned the building the plaster and stucco work was done by the stuccadores the Lafranchini brothers of Italy. (Bet you didn’t know the word stuccadores until now!)


The fine plasterwork of the ceiling in the dining room as well as the library, saloon, and music rooms are all of  “grand quality from the Larfanchini’s.”


Ironically it turns out that the in the grand staircase hall (above) there is  a riot of plasterwork of less fine quality, doubtless by apprentices and pupils. The late Dr. Curran, the expert on Irish plasterwork, described it as the work of an Irishman, and a lunatic at that!

Mixed with garlands are the masks of hounds and other trophies of the chase, and in a rectangular plaster frame on the left of the door from the front hall is a caricature of the first EarI of Milltown, for whom Russborough was built.”


The house is also filled with one  of the most notable art collections and is currently owned by the National Gallery of Ireland. Today the house which is a museum is also filled with an array of local artist from Ireland who work and display on the estate.

 It all seems so delightful, Yes please, I’d love to spend a weekend here. I bet I’d love seeing the plaster work of the ” Irish Lunitics”  Smile!

xoxo  Lydia

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