Maison Objet

Maison Objet is a great source for inspirations especially if your in Paris to see it in person.

This post is long overdue. We attended Maison & Objet home and gift show in Paris in January (see, I told you this post was long overdue!). While perusing the many halls and booths it was hard not to be struck with inspiration around every corner. We snapped some pictures of pieces you could easily recreate with Efex™, so sit back, enjoy, and imagine!

gilding efex appliques

Here you can see:

rosette R114

leg L5

and trim T70.

Add some gold paint or gilding wax and you’re set! Not a fan of gold?

painted white mantle

Simply paint it all the same color. They’re both equally striking, it all depends on your taste.

How about this for fun?

exterior rope molding

Here we see trim T52, our rope molding, gracing the outsides of this grand window outside of the Louvre. You could easily do this to dress up your windows inside your home.

There you have it, achieve the high style from France with just a few appliqués.

Dream on.

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