The Westover Plantation

The Westover Plantation was built by William Byrd II the founder of Richmond Virginia. Located between, Richmond and Williamsburg it is one of the grandest and most beautiful of the colonial Virginia plantations.

Considered possibly the best example of Georgian architecture in America, the house is elegant yet extremely simple  with perfect proportions. The elaborate doorway, which continues to be recognized as “the Westover doorway” despite its adaptation to many other buildings and homes. th

Filled with secret passages, magnificent gardens, and architectural details the lawn offers a commanding view of the James River and majestic eagles soaring overhead.


And here is the real history lesson from Westover.


The entry is the famous Westover gates, with Byrd’s initials incorporated in the delicate ironwork. The lead eagles on the are a play on the name “Byrd.” The wrought-iron fence has supporting columns topped by unusual stone finials cut to resemble an acorn for perseverance (from little acorns great oaks grow); a pineapple for hospitality, a Greek Key to the World for knowledge; a cornucopia, or horn of plenty: a beehive for industry; and an urn of flowers for beauty.

If you want Westover is open for weddings and event. Really a perfect place for a weekend retreat.

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