What’s Trending For 2017

From Domain

Yesterday I read a great article from Domain by celebrate designer Mary McDonald. She had some interesting ideas on what’s hot and what’s not. While I am not certain I agree with all of these picks, specifically I will always love Grey and I am fond of Edison Bulbs, I do love her first pick European Classic.

What’s In?

European Classic


Natural Elements

Natural Trend

Bold Florals

Trend three

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

What’s Out

Hollywood Regency

Overkill Brass

Chevron Rugs

Edison Bulbs


The other bit of wisdom I got from this article is “know the value in swapping accessories from one trend for the next in her designs—a trick that keeps her projects from ever looking dated.” Great advise don’t you think.

xoxo Lydia

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